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A4CIP is America’s organization of community integrated mental health programs.

Our member programs treat clients often diagnosed with severe and persistent mental illness while they live with various degrees of independence in the community. Clients receive robust, coordinated psychiatric and psychosocial services while participating in the real world, building social ties and moving purposefully toward a future – proven ingredients of psychiatric recovery.

The Association for Community Integration Programs educates individuals, families and mental health professionals about the benefits of this evidence-based treatment model, as an effective alternative or supplement to treatment outside the community.

A4CIP Joins the Call to End Police Brutality and Racial Inequality

…We believe that being part of a community is a civil right related to personal freedom, choice and self-determination. These two goals are interlinked since it’s difficult for a person to develop a meaningful and purposeful life without being able to determine it. And it’s quite impossible to autonomously direct one’s life while barred from access to resources and political voice…

Our membership is comprised of a variety of quality programs offering treatment in the community.

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Does your program offer community integration approaches? A4CIP is here to help promote you and connect you to other like-minded organizations.

News & Events

A4CIP Joins the Call to End Police Brutality and Racial Inequality

In the promotion of community integration programs, the Association for Community Integrated Programs (A4CIP) aims for two central goals.  The first…

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Save the Date: 5th Annual Community Integration Conference on June 20, 2019

Save the date! The 5th Annual Community Integration Conference, "Hope and the Courage to Continue" will be held on June…

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The Dorm - a treatment program that guides young adults towards greater independence - is expanding with a second location…

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