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A4CIP Hosted a Reception at the 2018 NATSAP Conference

The Association for Community Integrated Programs (A4CIP) held a special event at the NATSAP (National Association of Therapeutic Schools and Programs) annual conferen in Tampa Florida on February 1, 2018.

Sixteen of the Associations member programs came together in a “Community Block Party” atmosphere to introduce NATSAP attendees to the Association and its member programs.

A successful reception:

The event was well attended and well received by residential treatment program staff and therapeutic placement professionals. To encourage communication, networking and a fun atmosphere attendees were tasked to talk to member programs with door prizes as a reward.  A4CIP members and conference attendees shared delicious snacks and drinks.   As a result of these interactions, A4CIP members were able to provide details about community-integrated services.   Potential referral partners and collaborators were exposed to treatment resources that were not previously known to them.

New relationships were formed and a deeper understanding of the value and importance of community-integrated programming was developed.

The A4CIP members, some meeting each other for the first time, were excited about our collaboration and our joint mission of “bringing greater awareness to community-integrated programs” seems well under way.

It was a fun event!


Block Party
NATSAP Tampa Annual Meeting,
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