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Association for Community Integration Programs
406 Massachusetts Avenue, Suite 3
Arlington, MA 02474

For questions regarding A4CIP membership or administration, or feedback regarding our website, please use our contact form or email

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For Individuals and Families

We do not advise potential clients on selecting a program. In order to find the best fit for your needs, browse our Program Directory, then contact programs directly to learn more. If you seek general information about the community integration approach, please see the Community Integration and Resources pages.

For professional assistance in selecting a community integration program, consider contacting these resources. Both associations maintain a listing of placement consultants.

Be sure to tell the consultant that you seek programs that emphasize integrating the client into the community, providing treatment services while the client is engaged with real life.

For Professionals

If you have questions regarding A4CCIP membership, any aspect of the organization, or making referrals to member programs, please use the contact form on our For Professionals page and you will receive a phone call or email.

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