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Step By Step Supportive Services Logo

Step by Step Supportive Services

Located in Brookline MA, Step by Step Supportive Services offers both residential and community based services for adults with mental health disorders and uses evidence based practices to help them fulfill their dreams and connect to their community.

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The Menninger Clinic

Menninger’s Pathfinder is an intensive community re-integration treatment program with supportive apartment living for adults 18 and older who need help translating insight into action for a life worth living. Pathfinder is ideally suited to clients who have psychiatric disorders as well as substance abuse.
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New Vitae Wellness And Recovery

New Vitae Wellness & Recovery

New Vitae Wellness and Recovery offers comprehensive mental health and supportive residential treatment opportunities to adults (18+) with mental illness, addiction and traumatic brain injury related challenges. Treatment is person-centered and incorporates traditional talk therapies, cognitive rehabilitation, expressive and creative outlets (art and woodshop), non-drug treatments (dTMS, exercise, meditation and…

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Transcend Recovery Community

Transcend Recovery Community is a place where people struggling with addiction and mental health issues can rediscover a passion for purposeful living. Through a strong emphasis on community, accountability, and spirituality, our goal is to help people help themselves through support, guidance, and love.
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Bridge House Logo

Bridge House

Bridge House is the premier diagnostic and assessment oriented residential treatment center for adults. We operate with the belief that people struggling with psychological, cognitive, emotional, and behavioral challenges are capable of achieving wellness and positive adaptation in society.

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The Dorm

The Dorm is full service treatment community offering comprehensive day and evening programming, partial residential treatment and individualized life skills training for young adults looking to further their independence.
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Psychological Care & Healing (PCH) Treatment Center

Psychological Care & Healing (PCH) Center provides a caring, safe and therapeutically intensive environment for the treatment of Bipolar Disorder, depression, personality issues, anxiety disorders, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD), psychological trauma and PTSD, dissociative disorders, schizophrenia and thought disorders, suicidality, gender and sexual identity issues, and dual diagnosis.
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Continuum Recovery Services

Continuum Recovery Services (CRS) utilizes an Integrative Body-Mind-Spirit Approach to recovery that incorporates Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapeutic approaches and other evidence based modalities to adults experiencing a mental health crisis.

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Aware Recovery Care

Aware Recovery Care provides long term in home addiction care for those suffering from substance abuse addiction in Connecticut. Whether before or after traditional treatment, Aware Recovery Care delivers a home based continuum of care that is best for those that cannot go away, or for those in need of a home transition. Built on the visiting nurse model, Aware Recovery Care provides a visiting multi-disciplinary team for each client. Our clients learn the new skills and daily habits they must have to lead lives free of alcohol and/or drugs - in the comfort and privacy of the communities where they live.
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Potomac Programs

Vive is a community-based therapeutic program rooted in the belief that wellness and growth come from secure relationships. Using a systemic, relational, and strengths based approach, we create strong and enduring connections with our clients to inspire sustainable and lasting change. Vive services include mentoring, parent coaching, family therapy, case management, and daily guidance. Our mission is to empower families to connect, grow, and thrive in the communities where they live.
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Clearview Communities

ClearView Communities offers a comprehensive assessment and therapeutic living program for adults with mental illness seeking recovery and independent living. ClearView combines a psychosocial rehabilitation program and individual support with well-supervised living accommodations and community-based activities.
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Ellenhorn Logo


Ellenhorn is a comprehensive and integrative private community-based program. Our multidisciplinary team of clinicians treats clients in their own environments. From robust psychiatric care and 24-hour crisis support to vocational/educational assistance, we provide seamless integrated care that enables clients with even extreme psychiatric symptoms to avoid institutionalized care.
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Olivos is a private care management program providing mental health and wellness services in the SF Bay Area. We are a division of Caminar for Mental Health, an agency with over 50 years of experience providing community-based services for individuals with mental, physical and developmental disabilities.
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Driftwood Recovery Logo

Driftwood Recovery

On 85 beautiful acres of Texas Hill Country, Driftwood Recovery offers a safe and serene environment where people are empowered to address issues of drug and alcohol dependency, chronic pain, and co-occurring disorders. We offer a full continuum of care, including customized, evidence-based treatments that incorporate proven therapies and health-promoting…

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Choosing the Right Program for You

To find the best fit for your needs, contact our member programs directly. We do not advise potential clients on selecting a program.

For professional assistance in choosing a community integration program, consider contacting these associations, both of which maintain a listing of placement consultants.

Be sure to tell the consultant that you seek programs that emphasize integrating the client into the community, providing treatment services while the client is engaged with real life.

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