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It is a professional’s responsibility to refer clients to the “least restrictive environment.” Yet mental health professionals have little knowledge that community integration programs effectively fill the gap between the highly restrictive hospital environment and the often destabilizing situation of a person receiving minimal outpatient services.

What is A4CIP?

The Association for Community Integration Programs was founded, in part, to inform clinicians and others in the mental health services field that this is an evidence-based treatment model for people diagnosed as suffering severe psychiatric issues, and that our member programs are often a solution to the seemingly intransigent problem of people revolving through hospitals for decades.

What A4CIP offers you

On this web site, you will find in-depth information and evidence on this model in the form of ever-expanding content and links to external resources. The community integration model is the subject of a great deal of current research, with premier educational facilities among the leaders in exploring its premises, outcomes and potential.  A4CIP is dedicated to bringing you the latest assessments and evidence as they are issued.

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All Association members are happy to speak with you about their program and how they implement the values, beliefs and methods of community integration. For those of you looking for resources for clients, our membership is a valuable source of options and information for both you and your clients.

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If you have questions regarding A4CCIP membership, any aspect of the organization, or making referrals to member programs, please use our contact form to receive a phone call or email.

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