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Continuum Recovery Services (CRS) utilizes an Integrative Body-Mind-Spirit Approach to recovery that incorporates Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapeutic approaches and other evidence based modalities to adults experiencing a mental health crisis.

Continuum of Care, Inc. is a not for profit organization serving adults diagnosed with mental illness, co-occurring substance use disorders and severe developmental and intellectual disabilities (including Autism).  We are dedicated to providing person-centered care and comprehensive residential support, case management, and crisis stabilization services in the community.

Since 1966, Continuum has demonstrated that previously institutionalized or hospitalized adults can recover more effectively and live meaningful lives in the community with the right support and services. Today, we are one of the largest community housing providers in Connecticut for adults with mental illnesses.

Continuum has also operated mental health and co-occurring disorder Crisis Stabilization Programs, located in the heart of New Haven, CT for 30 years.   We have established a working collaborative with Yale New Haven Hospital, the Veterans Hospital and our local Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services which has been recognized as best practice. We are known and respected for our ability to manage challenging cases and provide individualized client-centered care in the community, versus in in-patient hospital care.

Our long-term relationships with a variety of resources serve to provide a very robust, cutting edge and diverse level of services and supports to our clients. Further, we have recruited some of the area’s best talent to provide quality clinical and residential care that has been recognized throughout the country.

Continuum Crisis Recovery Services

Continuum’s Crisis Recovery Services (CRS) is an inclusive and collaborative service dedicated to serving our clients through a creative, holistic and person-centered approach to recovery.

We specialize in Mental Health and Co-occurring Disorders pairing residential treatment with ongoing clinical interventions and assessment in a community setting, instead of a hospital in-patient setting.

Your Mental Health Stabilization and Recovery Path is Unique and Multi-Faceted

CRS offers an array of services to private and commercially insured individuals that specialize in truly meeting each individual at his or her unique starting point.  Further, recognizing that recovery is not linear, Continuum’s CRS programs offers several “pathways” for stabilization. These pathways are as follows:

Luna’s Path (our crisis stabilization program) is covered by most commercial insurances and offers 24 hour staff support in a structured home-like environment. Length of stay can vary and range from 14 days to 45 days depending on severity and coverage.  It provides:

▸   24 hour staffed staffing in a home-like residence and individualized holistic care to adult male or females struggling with serious Mental Health and/or Co-occurring disorders.

▸   Individualized structured schedules and activities to meet the needs of the person.

▸   Other psychosocial and educational groups are offered but are not mandatory. Utilizing a Mind-Body-Spirit Approach, the team incorporates Mindfulness based interventions with other evidence based modalities such as CBT and DBT. In building an awareness to self, the program strives to help individuals build connections and attain better holistic coping skills to manage their symptoms. Some of these interventions include Yoga, Meditation, Physical Fitness, Art, Music, etc.

▸   Either short term crisis stabilization or long term supported housing and case management.

▸   A diverse staff made up of licensed social workers, alcohol and drug counselors, nurses, certified wellness support staff and recovery support staff.

▸   Individual therapy on site and medication management.

David’s Path (step-down from crisis): Up to 12 hour staffing, shared living, step to more independence,  continued medication management, access to 24 hour staff and programing

Tyler’s Path: A congregate living, sober-house like environment with supportive staff and case management for individuals struggling with serious mental health and co-occuring disorders.  Individuals live with others in recovery and move toward more independence. Clients pay a program rental fee, a staff office is on site and groups are conducted by staff and peers. This is a clean and sober recovery based environment.

Julian’s Path: Case management to assist individuals with locating their own residence and offer case management and Life Coaching to assist in independent living and maintaining connections to providers. This phase can also offer in home support to families and individuals trying to maintain recovery. Julians path can be a harm reduction approach and services can be tailored to the individual’ s need.

CRS is CARF accredited for residential crisis service and licensed by the Department of Health.

Contact Information

Rista Luna, Admissions Coordinator
Phone: 475-224-1864
Fax: 203-507-2940

109 Legion Avenue
New Haven, CT 06519

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