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Ellenhorn is a comprehensive and integrative private community-based program. Our multidisciplinary team of clinicians treats clients in their own environments. From robust psychiatric care and 24-hour crisis support to vocational/educational assistance, we provide seamless integrated care that enables clients with even extreme psychiatric symptoms to avoid institutionalized care.

Psychiatric Treatment & Psychosocial Rehabilitation Program

Ellenhorn is the most comprehensive and integrative private community-based mental health program in the country. Geared to clients 18 years and older, our approach combines robust psychiatric services with intensive psychosocial care, focusing equally on reducing the psychosocial damage caused by stigma, loss of social identity and institutionalization, as on treating psychiatric illness and co-occurring disorders.

Using the best-practice “gold standard” community-based treatment model, Program for Assertive Community Treatment (PACT), our multidisciplinary teams of professionals – which include psychiatrists and a broad spectrum of other experts – provide rehabilitation and treatment resources to clients living mostly in apartments in the community. A small number of clients receive services at our staff-supervised Brackett House.

An Effective Community-Based Alternative

Ellenhorn is a proven best-practice alternative to institutional settings, whether hospitalization or restrictive residential treatment programs. Our individualized services are tailored in intensity to the shifting needs of our clients, and delivered by a 24-hour mobile multidisciplinary team. By adapting the level of intensity, we are able to provide just the right services to keep our clients on track, rather than sending them to more restrictive and institutionalized setting. Because we treat most clients where they live, they remain integrated within the community, feeling themselves to be part of the world, and able to maintain or create nourishing social ties.

Why do we work so hard at Ellenhorn to help our clients avoid institutionalized care?

When a person’s life is disrupted by extreme states of thought or mood, he or she will often also experience traumatic social losses — estrangement from family and friends, and loss of work, school and social role. Often these losses affect the person as much, or more, than the actual psychiatric experiences.

When this person receives psychiatric treatment in an institution, whether for the first time or over the course of many years, that treatment itself can worsen their social losses. Institutionalized care removes people from their life-track, social role and social networks. It is often a disabling shock to their experience as social beings.  At Ellenhorn, we call the damage inflicted by these social losses psychosocial trauma.  Our state-of-the-art model blends psychosocial care with psychiatric treatment to not only help people avoid this trauma, but to actively help them recover from it.

Treating Psychiatric Issues and Psychosocial Trauma with a Whole-Person Approach

Each Ellenhorn client receives comprehensive treatment services from a multidisciplinary team of highly-credentialed professionals. Ranging from intensive work with one of our four psychiatrists, medical assistance from our nurses, and multiple therapies by our licensed clinical staff, to nutritional, wellness, vocational and educational counseling, these therapeutic services cohesively address a vast array of issues in a client’s life.  Equally importantly, as our clients move forward toward recovery within the community, they remain nourished by – never separated from — all the essential human ingredients for creating a good and fulfilling life in the real world.

At Ellenhorn, we believe the path to a fulfilling and purposeful life is best forged when a person’s psychiatric experiences are viewed and treated within the totality of his or her unique life. Our comprehensive and tightly coordinated team approach allows us to understand the connections among the many facets of each client’s life.

Our clients come with a wide range of psychiatric issues, but all have a common and serious complaint:  the loss of their dreams. Their lives interrupted by their illness, they feel as if life itself has failed them, or that they have failed at life. Therefore, the recovery of a sense of hope along with forward momentum in one’s life, are central parts of our work with each client. Our job is to provide top-quality clinical care, with a focus on the psychosocial goals of regaining a sense of mastery and a return to the pursuit of life dreams.

We seek to re-empower our clients, helping them regain a sense of voice and control in their lives. This empowerment begins immediately, through their relationship with us. As our partner, each client helps set the course in his or her recovery.

We welcome the chance to talk with you about whether Ellenhorn can help.

Treating the New York Adolescent

Like all Ellenhorn programs, our New York adolescent program combines robust psychiatric care with intensive services aimed at helping clients remain in their communities while they recover. This kind of “wrap-around” care is especially important for adolescents, since being home, surrounded by family, friends and other connections is a central part of their human development.

Adolescents want to fit in, be connected to their peers, and engage in all the typical activities around them. They naturally want this because they need it developmentally. Life teaches best how to live. And no one is more ready to learn the lessons of life than teens. This learning occurs mostly in the real-life “classroom” of social activity — school activities, sports, friends, family interactions and events. While leaving home for care can be an appropriate option for some adolescents, it also removes them from these natural supports, and thus risks harm to their development.

Trained in the Adolescent Mentalization-Based Integrated Treatment model (ABMIT) that originated at the Anna Freud Centre for Children and Families in London, our adolescent team is able to help individuals aged 14 to 18 remain in their homes and often in their schools, while they recover from behavioral or psychiatric issues.

Contact Information

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406 Massachusetts Ave.
Arlington, MA 02474
Information & Referral: (800) 515-9972

Ellenhorn, LLC | New York
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Information & Referral: (800) 515-9972

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