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Psychological Care & Healing (PCH) Center provides a caring, safe and therapeutically intensive environment for the treatment of Bipolar Disorder, depression, personality issues, anxiety disorders, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD), psychological trauma and PTSD, dissociative disorders, schizophrenia and thought disorders, suicidality, gender and sexual identity issues, and dual diagnosis.

PCH differentiates itself from the many outpatient programs and treatment centers because of our highly qualified and experienced clinical staff of psychologists, psychiatrists and therapists, our non-stigmatizing and non-labeling treatment philosophies and our minimal usage of medications and avoidance of addictive substances.

PCH Treatment Center offers a full continuum of care, including in-residence and intensive outpatient programs, a family program, a full psychological assessment clinic, aftercare and case management, transitional living and a separate subacute program for clients with more severe psychiatric issues.

All of our programs contain elements to help our clients fully re-integrate into society. We encourage as much family involvement as possible during treatment to help clients establish a stable home life. Each of our programs focuses on the development of social re-integration skills including medication self-management, crisis and relapse prevention, independent living skills training, healthy eating habits, peer support services and aftercare planning and placement services.

Clients also learn to connect with social and cultural activities within the community. Our aftercare program offers case management services focusing on life and social skills development, time management, scheduling and planning, budgeting and managing money, resume preparation and job interview techniques, meal planning preparation and shopping and using public transportation.

The PCH programs provide a wide array of evidence-based treatment modalities. Our schedule incorporates daily psychodynamic or cognitive behavioral therapy supplemented with somatic experiencing, sensorimotor therapy or Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR). We offer both dialectical behavioral therapy and mentalization. Our group therapies include process, trauma timeline, recovery, seeking safety, writing, and psycho-education. PCH also features an arts program which helps clients learn to self-regulate through drawing, painting, pottery, knitting, and music. PCH also places importance on exercise and nutrition, maintaining a trainer and a nutritionist on staff. We also offer neurofeedback, trauma-informed yoga, meditation and mindfulness based stress reduction. We believe that providing clients with a variety of therapies and activities gives them a wide array of skills to help themselves to better function in society and find peace of mind. While some treatment centers focus on a single primary modality, we believe that clients benefit from exposure to many modalities, and they can find what works best to promote their own healing and sense of well-being.

Contact Information

PCH Treatment Center
11965 Venice Blvd. Suite 202
Los Angeles, CA 90066
Intake: 888.724.0040
Office: 310.566.7625
Fax: 310-566-7629

Intake line: 888-724-0040
Director: Kim O Donnell (949) 344-5785
Fax: 310-566-7629

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