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Potomac Programs, a division of Embark Behavioral Health, is building local continuums of care including outpatient clinics and community-based in-home services alongside short-term residential programs.  Our community-based services offer nationwide virtual and In-Home Family Coaching and Mentoring Services. Home Services provide in Boston, New York, Washington, DC, Atlanta, Chicago, and San Francisco. Virtual services are available across the country

Potomac Programs Home serves clients ages 14-24, and their families. Our clients frequently come to us before or after completion of a wilderness program or short/long-term residential treatment.  We live in cities where our clients live, allowing us to help them in person to develop and utilize support systems in their local community. Mentor and family sessions occur in person, creating a healing relationship used as a change agent.  We serve families in need of interrupting patterns of family dysregulation through intensive, focused, accelerated family centered treatment.

Contact Information

Tais Hoelzinger-Pajic, MS, Admissions Director

Amanda Marlar, National Coordinator

Our home services are community based.  We see families in their home, in the community or wherever is most comfortable for them.  Virtual services nationally.  In Home services offered in Boston, New York, Washington DC, Atlanta, Chicago and San Francisco

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