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Reflections from 2018 Conference Speaker

“I just spoke at an Association for Community Integrated Programs (A4CIP) conference, and was impressed by the organization’s holistic approach to mental health and treatment.  In particular, its commitment to enhancing clients’ feelings of self-determination and self-authorship was inspirational — one of the best translations of Self-determination theory into clinical practice that I have seen.”

Kennon M. Sheldon (Ken)

Curators’ Distinguished Professor of Psychological Sciences University of Missouri

Ken Sheldon studies motivation, goals, and well-being, from both a self-determination theory and a positive psychology perspective. Prominent research questions include “Can happiness go up, and then stay up?”, “Can people be helped to pick life-goals that better express their developmental potentials?”, and “how can the concept of personal agency be reconciled with the concept of a deterministic universe?

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