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Our resources are provided to help you learn in greater depth about the community integration model and related topics. This page will be continually expanding, putting at your fingertips current materials that can be helpful in your work if you are a mental health professional, and valuable to individuals and families choosing among various treatment approaches.

The impact of social forces on mental health

Psychosocial rehabilitation for psychiatric issues

Article on benefits of talk therapy for first-break schizophrenia.
The New York Times, 10/20/15, by Benedict Carey

Article on people who have suffered first-break schizophrenia having a role in their own care.
The New York Times, 12/29/15, by Benedict Carey

Article on the PACT model as a “living system”, March 1, 2015, by Dr. Ross Ellenhorn

Professional placement consultants

For professional help in choosing a community integration program, consider contacting these resources. Both associations maintain a listing of placement consultants.

The Independent Educational Consultants Association

The Therapeutic Consulting Association

Be sure to tell the consultant that you seek programs that emphasize integrating the client into the community, providing treatment services while the client is engaged with real life.

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