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Why is self-determination the theme of A4CIP’s 4th Annual Conference?

My Road, My Journey, My Life. Enhancing Self-determination in Treatment and Recovery

June 21, 2018 at the Menninger Clinic, Houston, Texas

A Message from A4CIP Founder and Co-President, Ross Ellenhorn, PhD
Five years ago, Brad Kennedy and I founded A4CIP because we saw a critical lack of resources for programs that provide psychiatric and psychosocial care to clients living in the community, and that subscribe to the belief that purpose as well as vocational and educational goals are vital parts of their clients’ recovery. Since that time, the association has developed considerably, from around four programs our first year to seventeen — and growing. Each year we hold an exciting conference at the Menninger Clinic, in which we bring speakers from diverse disciplines to focus on a pertinent theme. This year, at a conference I curated, we focus on self-determination
Self-determination is not only a civil right to which we should all be entitled; it is central to our psychological well-being. When clinicians ignore the importance of self-determination – intervening, rather than working collaboratively with clients — they neglect an intrinsic element in recovery. To put it simply, people don’t get better if they don’t have access to the tools to determine their present and their future. ​ That’s what makes this conference particularly important. Please plan to come.  
Ross Ellenhorn, Ph.D
A4CIP Co-Founder & President, Ellenhorn CEO

Information and Registration

Annual Conference
Houston, TX, 12301 Main St ,-77035
Starting on
June 21, 2018
Ending on
June 21, 2018
The purpose of this years conference is to enhance the awareness of mental health professionals on the importance of engaging their clients as unique “experts” of their minds. We will examine both the importance of self-determination in psychological well-being and the clinical innovations that seek to place clients front and center in driving their treatment. Through a series of presentations, participants will gain advanced knowledge of theories and practices that mitigate the bridge between therapeutic models and the value of self-determination.
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USD 100.00
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